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PNG to PDF Converter PNG (Portable Network Graphics)

A PNG file is an image file stored in Portable Network Graphic (PNG) format. It was proposed in 1995 at the Usenet conference as a free alternative to licensed GIF. Since October 1, 1996, it exists as a full-fledged graphic format supported by all browsers and graphic editors.

Each PNG image contains a palette - a set of colors used. It contains a bitmap of indexed colors and uses lossless compression, similar to a .GIF file, but without copyright restrictions. To reduce the file size, lossless compression by the Deflate algorithm is used.

PNG is a favorite format of webmasters due to its good compression without loss of quality, fast loading, transparency function, clear image borders. In practice, .png is ideal for saving images with a small number of colors, as well as graphics with transparent areas. Logos, icons, badges, diagrams, scanned copies of documents are usually placed on sites just in .png format.

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Oct. 1, 1996

PNG to PDF Converter PDF (Portable Document Format)

PDF - Portable Document Format - currently it is a standard format for electronic documents, for which it was originally developed by programmers at Adobe Systems. They set a goal to optimize the way they store and display text documents and printing publications. The new PDF format did not immediately gain current popularity, it took time to adopt a new standard.

PDF is a cross-platform format used for storing scanned paper documents: books, magazines, drawings. Many of the common books and documents that go electronically are in PDF format. PDF files may contain text, images, tables, forms, annotations, and other data. It is noteworthy that the display of the document does not depend on the platform - on Windows or Mac OS, the documents will look the same, as well as when printing.

The most popular program for viewing this format is Adobe Acrobat Reader, it is free. Some browsers like Google Chrome provides support for this format by default. For editing you will need a text editor with subsequent conversion to PDF.

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Jun 15, 1993

Converting PNG to PDF

PNG and PDF are two essentially different formats (Image and Document). Therefore, the main reason for converting PNG to PDF is precisely the need to change the format. PNG images are more suitable for use as web graphics. While PDF documents are suitable for printing or forwarding layouts. Using documents in PDF format you can be sure that everyone will see it exactly the same.

PNG Advantages

  • image quality does not change at any compression ratio
  • after editing and re-saving, the quality does not deteriorate
  • saves a high-contrast pixel-by-pixel image of the screen in screenshots
  • supports the maximum possible number of colors: 256 colors for web graphics (PNG-8), 16 million colors for full-color images (PNG-24), as well as grayscale images
  • supports multi-level transparency, so you can create a transparent gradient, the effect of casting a shadow on neighboring elements on a web page
  • contains metadata (EXIF) for copyright enforcement
  • saves web graphics of small sizes, which speeds up the loading of websites
  • makes it possible to work with layers

PNG Disadvantages

  • saves full-color images - photos, illustrations - of a larger size than equivalent .jpeg, .tiff or .gif
  • does not support animation
  • not suitable for printing, as it is intended for distribution of images on the Internet and does not support the CMYK color model

PDF Advantages

  • standardization and popularity: opens on any device with any operating system exactly in the form in which it was created
  • the format viewer, Adobe Acrobat Reader, is often preinstalled on a computer if the device came with an operating system. If not, it is available for download from the Adobe Systems developer site and is completely free
  • takes up little space on the hard drive, because it supports many compression algorithms
  • security: the user can configure security settings for his file, for example, the prohibition of printing, the prohibition of editing, the use of an electronic signature to determine the authenticity of a document, etc.

PDF Disadvantages

  • PDF file editor - paid
  • editing pdf files in specialized programs is more difficult than any other graphic files
  • it is difficult to work with text, it is perceived as a picture