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If you need to rotate the pages of a PDF file, use our fast and easy online editor.

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How to rotate PDF file and pages


Step 1

Upload your PDF document from your device, or insert the url, or use the cloud service


Step 2

Choose the pages or all document which you need to rotate and flip and start it


Step 3

Now you can download new PDF document to your device. Don't forget to share

PNG to PDF Converter PDF (Portable Document Format)

PDF - Portable Document Format - currently it is a standard format for electronic documents, for which it was originally developed by programmers at Adobe Systems. They set a goal to optimize the way they store and display text documents and printing publications. The new PDF format did not immediately gain current popularity, it took time to adopt a new standard.

PDF is a cross-platform format used for storing scanned paper documents: books, magazines, drawings. Many of the common books and documents that go electronically are in PDF format. PDF files may contain text, images, tables, forms, annotations, and other data. It is noteworthy that the display of the document does not depend on the platform - on Windows or Mac OS, the documents will look the same, as well as when printing.

The most popular program for viewing this format is Adobe Acrobat Reader, it is free. Some browsers like Google Chrome provides support for this format by default. For editing you will need a text editor with subsequent conversion to PDF.

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Jun 15, 1993

About PDF Rotating

There are times when, as a result of the final processing of the document, some pages are turned upside down and must be returned to their normal position. It is not often necessary to rotate a PDF file or its separate page, so an ordinary user will not have programs for this case at hand. You can view a PDF file without problems in any modern browser, as well as rotate its wrong pages at the right angle, but none of the browsers allows you to save changes. If you need to rotate the pages of a PDF file, use our fast and easy online editor. You can rotate PDF pages 90 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise, and rotate them 180 degrees (upside down). Please note that you can change the orientation of a specific page or all pages of a PDF document.