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With our tool you can easily rotate and flip your PNG image in any direction

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How to rotate PNG image


Step 1

Upload your PNG image from your device, or insert the url, or from cloud


Step 2

Choose the direction where to rotate or flip the image and proceed


Step 3

Now you can download new PNG image to your device. Don't forget to share

PNG to PDF Converter PNG (Portable Network Graphics)

A PNG file is an image file stored in Portable Network Graphic (PNG) format. It was proposed in 1995 at the Usenet conference as a free alternative to licensed GIF. Since October 1, 1996, it exists as a full-fledged graphic format supported by all browsers and graphic editors.

Each PNG image contains a palette - a set of colors used. It contains a bitmap of indexed colors and uses lossless compression, similar to a .GIF file, but without copyright restrictions. To reduce the file size, lossless compression by the Deflate algorithm is used.

PNG is a favorite format of webmasters due to its good compression without loss of quality, fast loading, transparency function, clear image borders. In practice, .png is ideal for saving images with a small number of colors, as well as graphics with transparent areas. Logos, icons, badges, diagrams, scanned copies of documents are usually placed on sites just in .png format.

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Oct. 1, 1996

About PNG Rotation

With our free online service, you can rotate any picture, be it a photo or any other image. Most often, an inverted image occurs after you have transferred a photo from your camera, tablet or smartphone to your personal computer. So that when viewing photos on your computer you do not have to turn the monitor or your head, the online photo editor allows you to rotate the photo to the required degree. How do I rotate a photo the other way? The process of rotating an image online is quite simple, especially if you only need to rotate the image 90 or 180 degrees. Any more or less advanced graphic editor can make such a turn. Also, the functionality of the service allows not only to rotate photos online by 90 degrees, as you like, even upside down, but also to get a mirror effect. After using the tools, you can download the final result or cancel it by clicking on the express editor buttons of the same name.